Meaningful public and stakeholder consultation is important in shaping the outcome of this study. The Project Team has developed a consultation program that will:

  • Provide stakeholders with access to study information in a timely manner that enables them to provide input and participate in a meaningful way.
  • Engage the broader community and give consideration to all input and differing points of view.
  • Promote a cooperative and productive consultation environment that recognizes the value of dialogue and that everyone may not agree with every decision.

The consultation program will be ongoing during this Preliminary Design and Class EA Study and will include meetings with municipal staff and Council, emergency service providers, regulatory agencies, transit operators, Indigenous communities and directly impacted members of the public.

Two Public Information Centres (PICs) will be scheduled during this Study to provide interested individuals with the opportunity to learn more about the study process and provide feedback directly to the Project Team. PICs provide an opportunity for the public to discuss issues or concerns directly with members of the study team. The purpose of the first PIC will be to introduce the study to the public, provide background information, present the Problem and Opportunity Statements, identify the Alternatives to the undertaking including Highway 401 widening alternatives as well as the long list of interchange improvement alternatives and the associated screening level evaluation.  The purpose of the second PIC will be to present design and EA study updates since PIC #1 including the short list of interchange alternatives and their evaluation and the preliminary design Recommended Plan. Information presented at each PIC will be available for review on this site.

The final notification for this undertaking will be to advise of the filing of the TESR for the 30-day public review period.  The TESR will summarize and document the process completed and provide additional opportunity for interested persons to provide feedback.

All notices will be published in the following local newspapers:

  • Brockville Recorder & Times (in English)
  • Brockville & Prescott This Week (in English)

The notices will also be posted on this website and sent directly to all contacts on the study mailing list. Members of the Project Team are available throughout the study to provide information and receive feedback.  This dialogue is key to meeting our study principles of transparency, openness, traceability, timeliness and accountability.  You can contact a member of the Project Team through the “Contact Us” section of the website.

All input will be incorporated into the study findings and recommendations as appropriate.

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