Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Process

This study is following the approved planning process for a Group ‘B’ project under the MTO Class EA for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000). Group B projects involve major improvements to provincial transportation facilities.  A Public Information Centre is planned at two key milestones during this process and advance notification will be provided.  A Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) will be prepared at the close of Preliminary Design to document the study process including the evaluation of alternatives, the Recommended Plan, environmental effects, and proposed mitigation measures, as well as the consultation undertaken throughout the process. Upon completion of this study, the TESR will be placed on the public record for a 30-day public review period.

There is an opportunity at any time during the study for interested persons to provide input to the Project Team including comments and information regarding the study. If you have any accessibility requirements in order to participate in this project, please contact a member of the Project Team through the “Contact Us” section of the website.


Prelim Design EA Process Flowchart PIC#2
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